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August 12, 2012

Betrayal is a cry Liberal Democrats frequently hear from Labour supporters whenever the Coaltion is mentioned. It harks back to the days of National government of the 1930s to the ultimate “betrayer” Ramsay McDonald. I came across this-

“In April 1935, a volume of essays by five leading National Labour politicians was published under the title “Towards a National Policy: being a National Labour Contribution”; MacDonald contributed a preface in which he argued that the Labour opposition “is as little guided by Socialist opinion and inspired by the fine human spirit of our British Socialism as any other political party of pure expediency striving for a majority.”

These days the S word is little mentioned in Labour circles. The fine human spirit of British Socialism has withered with the advent of New Labour but the striving for a majority is as strong as ever among its careerist politicians.


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