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Democrats Abroad

August 20, 2012


The ill informed remarks of Paul Ryan concerning Britain’s NHS has prompted me to send out a reminder to all those Democrats living abroad to register to vote.

The first time I heard the words socialised medicine was from an American hospital administator I met on a train to Penang many years ago. She was working at the Bangkok Adventist Hospital covering for someone on leave and she needed a new visa to cover for her temporary assignment.

The word socialised sounded very strange as at least at the time the NHS was accepted by all political parties in Britain.What ever its shortcomings the NHS was still far superior to what America had to offer.


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One Comment
  1. I just do not understand why Americans don’t want health care they can afford. I was brought up in the UK where we always had the NHS, and then moved to the US and lived there for 20 years. Couldn’t believe what a rip off health care in the US is, and am very glad I no longer live there, even though I am a US citizen.

    Oh and sadly I didn’t bother registering to vote. I really don’t like either of them, and don’t trust either of them, so this year I’m not voting. Sad that these are the only choices we had. Now, if it had been Hillary I would have voted in a nanosecond.

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